Create Better Surveys With AI

We help remove bias from your questions and automate qualitative insights for your results

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Built for marketers, user researchers, and product folk

Our features include: 

What do we do differently?

Analyze Qualitative Data Instantly

Identify sentiment, themes and export them instantly as csv files

Create Non-Biased Questions

Our tool will pick up and warn you of potentially bias questions 

Simple and Clean Design

Clean and easy way to design your surveys

Survey Features

All the standard features of your normal survey tool

We are looking to focus on three major points

  1. Keep survey designing simple - remove unnecessary clutter
  2. Remove bias from questions - if your questions are biased, your data is bias
  3. Automate qualitative responses - create insights on 1000s of responses in seconds


We do surveys differently

The survey market is outdated

We think surveys should be bias free and data should be the focus point of the tool. 

This is why we are using AI to power an end to end solution that puts data in the center and the user experience around it

Design Your First