Survey Tools to get direct visual feedback

Go beyond your normal traditional survey toolkit and start getting visual.


Your answer to visually engaging research, simplified. 

We have designed and created tools so you can gather feedback more efficiently with features beyond your traditional survey toolkit.  We believe in this day of age, we should be able to design and gather opinions on all types of visuals to images all the way to websites


Splittable is a split testing tool for businesses to gather and compare public opinions on different images or text. Simply copy and share the customised link to your database, customers or team.

The aim: to gather thoughts and insights on logos, branding material and/or other key commercial visuals, allowing you to understand how different options perform in comparison.  



WebsiteView is your tool to gather feedback on your websites. Either record or set up a text survey (as shown in the image) and fire away!


The aim: harnessing the direct feedback you will get from this tool allows you to sense-check before a launch, and/or empower future decisions on your landing pages and websites. 



HybridSurvey is more than just a traditional survey tool. With features such as the ability to set up screening questions and more, it's your answer to targeted and efficient modern research, done right. 


The aim: to build on the normal capabilities of traditional survey tools by providing extra features and an optimised seamless user experience.  


With Hundreds Signed Up For Our Launch, Come Join Us