Web Design Trends Dominating 2021

Design trends are often shaped by global themes and occurrences. You can bet your shorts on a global pandemic having

5 Design and Content Elements to Lessen Website Bounce Rate

Did you know your website bounce rate can determine your Google search rank? Are you looking to increase your unique
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Making Your Website Design Work For Your SEO Marketing

Although web design combines the programming and graphic design disciplines, it’s not just a task for developers. So, in order
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10 Free Marketing Tools You Can Use To Help Launch and Grow Your Startup

Everyone loves free stuff.  For businesses, especially startups, keeping costs to a minimum is important for your cash flow. This
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8 Ways How To Optimize Video Marketing for Your Business

Businesses are engaging in more and more and more video marketing strategies. With everybody online all the time, video has
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How You Should Approach SEO Content Writing in 2021 and Beyond

Over the last couple of years, we have seen a remarkable interest and growth in content investment as a digital
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5 Amazing UI/UX Design Trends in 2021

Your SEO will be unsuccessful if your website’s User Design Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) are inadequate. Nobody will

Why Marketing Automation Is Essential For Proper Digital Marketing

GUEST POST By PeppyBiz One of the important success factors of any business is efficient marketing. The marketing team must
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How To Become A Good UX/UI Designer

A good UX/UI designer is increasingly in demand these days, together with the rise of digital marketing. Boosting your content

Why UX Design Matters In 2021

User Experience or UX trends in design are crucial as we enter 2021 because it can elevate your digital marketing
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How To Balance Your SEO and User Experience In Web Design

Your website design is the first impression your visitors have on your online business.  So if you are trying to
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Best Practices for UX Design Process

UX or User Experience design is trending these days. It is crucial expertise, especially since most products and businesses are now
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Here Are 35+ Survey Questions To Ask For Your Business or Startup

How well do you know or understand your users?   Usually, there are great tools out there to observe interactions

Web Designs Trends of 2020 to Look For

At a time when push alerts and never-ending browser windows continue to fight for our interest, it may come as
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Getting Over Your Fear Of Blogging

Many of my friends have approached me recently with loads of questions around blogging. With the COVID-19 situation, many have
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Here is How the Tech Giants Are Handling the COVID-19 Situation

Technology has grown at an exponential rate. With the recent pandemic, the power of staying connected and remote working has
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A Recap of 7 Startups That IPOed In 2020

2019 saw a bunch of IPOs in the tech world. These included Lyft, Zoom, Slack and many more giants. For
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Why We Get Burnout Wrong 

Being burnout is becoming somewhat of an epidemic.  You hear it everywhere. From friends, family or even acquittances, the word
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Why Amazon Echo Has Dominated The Market

Over a quarter of US adults own a smart speaker system within their home. -Via TechCrunch Just hearing this statistic
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Why Google Stadia Is A Mess Right Now

Updated: 23/10/2020 Although I wrote this article a year ago, we’ve already seen Google Stadia cracking under pressure. I decided

7 Effective Tactics for Getting More Business from Social Media

Do you ever have a curiosity about what the most powerful Social Networking tactic for your business is? Getting results
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What You Need to Know About Airbnb’s IPO

You might be asking the question, “when is Airbnb going public?”?   Airbnb announced on September 19th, 2019 (in a
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5 Ways To Help Promote Your Content

There is no doubt Medium is one of the best websites for not only reading content but producing it as
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Case Study of IKEA: Growth Of A Global Retail Giant

If you haven’t heard of Ikea, you’re probably living under a rock.    Ikea, the Swedish furniture company, is a
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The Rise And Growth of Voice AI and Search

Voice AI has seen incredible growth over the last few years. To define what “voice” is, there are many definitions
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5 Major Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2021

2020 is almost around the corner (can you believe it?) and there are some exciting developments and changes in the
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The Growth Of Marvel: From Bankruptcy to Billions

From your X-Men series all the way to the recent announcements of Shang-Chi, it’s no argument that Marvel has become
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How Slack grew from $0 to $17 Billion in 5 years – Slack’s History

Slack’s growth story has been nothing short of amazing – let’s take a look at Slack’s history.   If you’ve
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Another 5 Growth Case Studies and Key Takeaways

Growth is always an interesting topic to talk about.   Since my last article, I’ve gotten a lot more interest
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5 Ways To Grow Your Startup To Its First 100 Users

You’ve just set up your startup or maybe you have an idea. You’re sitting there and the money’s going to
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Write For Us

We are always looking for new content creators to write and promote to our blog.  As we are fairly new,
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5 Case Studies of Successful Marketing Strategies

Marketing has been around for centuries and has evolved through the ages from trade to tech.  Often enough, businesses can
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Why All Marketers Need To Survey More

Marketing and Growth people are constantly looking for new ways to execute new campaigns for their business. When one campaign
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How To Write Unbiased Survey Questions

The true value of a survey is to uncover accurate information of the participant based on their sentiments. Because of
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8 Sites To Find FREE Images For Blogs

Check out these free images or photos for blogs   Many times, having good photos not only enhances your social
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5 Growth Strategy Case Studies and Key Takeaways

It’s always challenging to grow a company from scratch or to the next level. Hence the whole concept of growth
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Why Choosing The Right Imagery Is So Important

More than often we as marketers and designers spend hours creating content, writing ad copy, creating emails and website landing
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What is GDPR? | How to make sure you’re compliant

Have you been getting an influx of emails around updates to their privacy policy or terms and conditions? Well that’s

Are You Spending Too Much Time On Your Website?

What is the goal of your website? Have a think about it. Done? How many goals did you come up
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5 Questions To Check If Your Website Is Up To Scratch

Your website is usually the first place your customer will visit and can leave an everlasting impression of your business.