Case Study of IKEA: Growth Of A Global Retail Giant

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If you haven’t heard of Ikea, you’re probably living under a rock.    Ikea, the Swedish furniture company, is a household name. It helps design and sell ready to assemble furniture, home accessories, and more. Founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943, he had the roots of a furniture dealer. Grown from local Swedish soil, he spent years occupying the local …


5 Major Marketing Trends To Look Out For In 2022

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For all our marketing, tech and side hustle videos – check it out here. For all our exclusive marketing and tech content – join our substack here 2022 has been the start of what we’ve seen as the ‘post’ pandemic movement.  If you look back on how marketing has developed, the progress of it from simple advertising to what it …

The Rise And Growth of Voice AI and Search

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Voice AI has seen incredible growth over the last few years. To define what “voice” is, there are many definitions and interpretations. The origins come from the sounds humans have spoken and communicated with. In regards to this article, it is how people search for information with their voice through digital means such as through our mobile devices or voice …

The Growth Of Marvel: From Bankruptcy to Billions

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From your X-Men series all the way to the recent announcements of Shang-Chi, it’s no argument that Marvel has become a household name for all superhero-related films. With endless movies and tv shows been released around the Marvel Universe, it would be hard to believe that Marvel at one point was bankrupt.  But in 1996, Marvel did indeed file for …