Are You Spending Too Much Time On Your Website?

What is the goal of your website?

Have a think about it.


How many goals did you come up with?

Maybe it was to sell, to educate, to get more leads or maybe someone told you that you needed a website so you went and bought one.

If at any point you had doubt what the goal of your website is or if you have too many even, there is possibly a lack of direction and you might have cluttered your website with ‘everything’.

Sure you can argue that websites can be multi-purpose but let’s take e-commerce for example.

Generally, e-commerce websites have one purpose and that is to sell.

They might have other secondary purposes such as blogging or even gathering leads but at the end that is the main goal and the rest is to support this intention.

By having the mentality that you have the main goal (and some secondary if you want), and all the work you do is to support it, you can start to add quality pages to your website that actually reinforce or support your goal.

More than likely if you look into the analytics of your website, the pages that have little to no views may have been unrelated or unneeded to your goals.

The whole concept of quality > quantity is very applicable here.

So now with all of this, did you spend too much time creating pointless web pages?

Well with a clearly defined goal in your head, you will end up spending less time on your website and that isn’t bad.

Sitemaps — UX Review

I see websites with large and clunky sitemaps going to possibly to the ends of the universe. This is especially prevalent within B2B websites.

Spend time instead thinking, will this new page actually help me achieve my goal?

If not, don’t waste your time.

On the last note, watch your conversion rates to allow maximum efficiency of your pages and focus on the quality content. Don’t forget data shows the story!

It’s funny to say that good design is usually perceived to be something beautiful and spectacular which in no doubts in some cases may be true or needed.

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