Getting Over Your Fear Of Blogging

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Many of my friends have approached me recently with loads of questions around blogging. With the COVID-19 situation, many have been locked down in their home with much more time on their hands.

In my opinion, blogging is much easier to handle than publishing longer-form content like a book.

Even with all the curiosity, the number one reason I see for lack of writing or publishing is fear.

The fear of writing, showing their work to the world, or pressing that publish button.

Writer’s fear is real

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I mean, it’s essential to accept that every writer faces fear when they publish their writing.

Many fear that no one will hear their work or that they won’t get enough views on it. Others don’t want the criticism that could come with publishing something publicly.

I have many well-performing articles that have netted me tens and thousands of views but also some that have received barely any. I have even gotten both positive and hateful comments during my time of writing.

Unfortunately, there is no real way of knowing what you write will be successful or if it will garner positive or negative remarks.

Navigating this sea of uncertainty can be challenging, especially around publishing your first article.

This is why Medium is a great starting platform


For me, Medium was not only a great publishing platform but one that gave you bits of exposure much early on than other methods.

As long as you tag your article correctly and use publications to help promote your writing, generally, you’ll get some early traction to feel like you’re getting somewhere with writing.

I have also found the community to be much more friendly compared to other channels.

It’s time to embrace the fear

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If writing is outside your comfort zone, then it’s obvious fear comes into play. This is why to overcome this, you need to step outside it.

The best way to look at this is, what’s there to lose?

Do what scares you, and you will eventually get over it. There are many scarier things in life so this is one hurdle you can get over.

Blogging is much easier to start off with instead of doing something like a first-time book.

If you’re still afraid though, here are some additional points to consider.

Get a friend involved — get them to proofread it

Some of my friends had more confidence in releasing their first article after someone else helped read over it.

In my opinion, getting the first article out makes all the difference, so finding someone that can help you proofread will help you out a lot.

For myself, by supporting them and giving them suggestions on their writing, it has helped provide that ounce of confidence needed to press that publish button.

So get a friend involved with your writing at least initially, so you have someone to help look over what you’re producing.

Don’t wait, just publish

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Your writing will never be perfect.

Not to you, your readers, or even your friends.

Unfortunately, trying to find perfectionism in your writing will not only delay you but also subsequently push the timing of your other work out.

In my opinion, set some time for a few drafts and perhaps one friend to look over it.

Then it’s time to publish it.

Set an easy to reach goal

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In my opinion, publishing your first article may be an achievement in the short term, but being consistent after is what makes it work in the long run.

Focus on milestones that are reasonable to start with, specially adjusted with your own workload.

This could be as simple as writing one article every fortnight (bi-weekly) or even a word count goal.

Making sure you stick to it is most essential so stick to something simple.

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