Nexon Museum (Jeju Island) – My Review and Why You Should Visit

nexon computer museum

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Alright so you probably know Nexon as a gaming company, producing titles like Maplestory and Gunbound. 

But we had a chance to check out the Nexon Museum on Jeju Island in South Korea. 

If you’re interested in the video instead (recorded on my trusty GoPro), check the link below. 


The Nexon Computer Museum is known as one of the first permanent museum in South Korea that is dedicated to the history of computer and video games. It opened in July 27 2013 and houses more than 6900 items including computers, video game consoles and more. It’s supported by a ton of companies including Sony, Nexon (of course) Oculus VR and more. 


The museum houses one of the original Apple I and has 4 floors. 

    • 1st Floor: Welcome_Stage “Computer as Theatre” – concentrates on the history of personal computers
    • 2nd Floor: Open_Stage “Between Reality and Fantasy” – concentrates on the history of video games and next-gen technologies
    • 3rd Floor: Hidden_Stage “The Real Revolution” – concentrates on education programs and open source-based inventions
    • B1 Floor: Special_Stage “Crazy Arcade” – concentrates on the history of arcade game

This Museum has not only historical computers, peripherals and more but also compares them to more modern ones. There are some other gimmicks so definitely interesting to check out. Another thing is the FULL LEVEL of old Arcade games (like Doom, Pong etc.). Super fun especially if you have friends to play with. Definitely a worthwhile visit JUST for this level. 

Getting there

Ok, unlike the rest of the attractions on Jeju Island, this one is accessible near the city. I’d still however recommend renting a car if you’re on Jeju Island for everything else. 

How long it takes

I’d say it takes 2 – 3 hours if you spend a bit of time playing around the games as well. 

Why You Should Visit

If you’re a fan of technology, love playing games or just overall a techie/gamer nerd, this museum is for you. You definitely do not need to have played Maplestory or played any of Nexon’s games. There are a TON of other things in the museums including old arcade games, learning about the history of computers (and peripherals) and a lot more.

Definitely a worthwhile visit.




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