Why Choosing The Right Imagery Is So Important

Ideas and Imagery content

More than often we as marketers and designers spend hours creating content, writing ad copy, creating emails and website landing pages.

But how long do you take to choose the right image?

It’s ironic I say this because what a person usually sees first is the image, not your writing.

An interesting study done by Social Bakers found that over 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook were images.

It’s safe to say that images are a primary part of any piece of content but why do we spend so less time on it?

Well, it’s obvious because usually images are a lot quicker to source and it’s usually the ‘daunting last thing’ you need to do before you post that blog post. Choosing the right image however can captivate audiences and bring your content to life and even in some extreme cases, go viral.

The story of the most liked photo on Instagram in 2019 was an Egg.

Gaining millions of likes and beating Kylie Jenner’s record was nothing short of amazing. But did you know that now it has become one of the biggest branding opportunities, with one firm calculating the worth of the egg to be around $10 million dollars?

Someone’s getting a hefty paycheck.

But on that note, it’s often so overlooked so I decided to come up with a list of 5 criterias you should run by before you decide to add that image into your next piece of content:   

1. Relevance to the audience

An obvious one but often overlooked. If your article is about cars, would you show a photo of a laptop? Make sure your photo is relevant and it should just flow into your content

2. Quality

Having a high definition photo can make a post look professional over one that looks like little effort is put in it.

3. Right Size

Making sure your photos are in the right size depending on where you’re posting it is super important. The last thing you want is for it to look uneven and unprofessional.

4. Branding

It’s always important to keep on brand. If you’re a design firm and the focus is to look modern and professional, you don’t want to be selecting a photo that’s too jokey. Make sure you know what type of brand you’re giving off and tailor your photo with it.

5. Captivating

I mean I had to put this one right. In the end, your photo needs to be   enough to draw the reader into your content.

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