Product Roadmap

As you know this is still a beta launch and there is a lot that needs to be done before we launch. However we want to provide you a glimpse of what's to come so here's our product roadmap.

Current Product in Beta

We have currently released our beta as a test. It is definitely not complete but we have the basics down and we want to start testing. 

Here is what is currently implemented:


Right now our AI is very basic but still identifies negative, positive and any leading potential words that might skew your survey. 

Our next step is to identify what we need to develop next for the AI. 

Form Logic

The basics are down and you can create multiple choice, scale, text answers and more. 

We are going to implement the rest such as ability to use a 'tree' and 'other' options. 


This is where we want 50% of our focus. 

Right now you have a basic view of results + export to excel. 

But we want more so watch this space. 

If you'd like to provide feedback or more!

If you'd like to contribute any feedback, bugs or recommendations (or if you'd like just say hi): just email

I don't bite 😂